Apartment Building Sales

MCQUAID Commercial Real Estate Brokers is a team of apartment building brokers dedicated to providing excellent representation for their clients. Located in Seattle, our brokers sit at one table and are in tune with a constant stream of market data in order to be fully aware of trends and current information.

    Featured Property

  • Thorndyke Triplex

    Location: Magnolia
    Sale Price: $950,000

    CAP: 4.2% GRM: 17.42
    Units: 3

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Additional Properties Exclusively for Sale

  • Stan Six

    Location: Stanwood, WA

    Sale Price: $500,000

    CAP: 4.4% (current)/ 5.7% (stabilized) GRM: 10.8 (current)/ 9.4 (stabilized)

    Units: 6

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