MCQUAID Commercial Real Estate Brokers opened for business Spring of 2007 for the purpose of providing superior client representation service in commercial real estate.

Founded by Michael McQuaid following 20 years experience representing buyers and sellers of commercial real estate in the Greater Seattle area, there are several areas of differentiation that have been addressed.

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MCQUAID agents will never compete with their clients.

There is a prohibition against agents buying for their own account. Agents may co-invest or invest in syndications or funds of which they are not principals or directors but they shall not directly purchase properties so that all principals can be assured they are not competing with their agents at this firm.


MCQUAID agents all sit at one table.

The idea is to enhance the free flow of market information in the most expedient manner possible. With everyone literally at one huge desk the mind-share is unsurpassed, both for market sourcing of information and problem solving solutions. This is designed to eliminate the typical time delay that traditional brokerages experience so that the client is obtaining the most up-to-date market data possible.


MCQUAID agents find the best transaction for the client, not necessarily the first.

Agents must subscribe to the maxim that the client must be better off by having dealt with this company than without. In many cases that may mean advising against a proposed transaction, rather than advocating for each and every possible deal. Much of the past success of MCQUAID has been due to the truly objective advice given the clients, based on the current market, regardless of the potential not doing a deal that day.