Investor Stories

Tom Wolfe – Seattle, WA

“Now that the closing of the Carlyle is imminent, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the absolutely incredible job that you did in all aspects of the sale of my four previously owned properties and the purchase of the Carlyle. In fact, when I began with you, I could not even have imagined, based upon my experience with prior brokers, your tenacity, adherence to ethics, and your willingness to undertake almost all aspects of the inspection and analysis that the prospective seller/ purchaser would otherwise have to perform by himself.

I do not believe that my simple words can truly describe your competence and integrity. I would recommend you without hesitation whatsoever to anyone who wishes the finest representation possible. Moreover, should anyone be considering you for possible representation on either the seller or buyer side, please do not hesitate to give them my name. I would be happy to answer any questions that they might have.”

Don Borracchini – Seattle, WA

“This letter is to thank you, again, for the excellent job you did representing the interests of my family in our recent commercial real estate transactions.

Beginning with the marketing and sales of the Angeline and Admiral Apartments, especially the way in which you negotiated the Angeline sale so profitably for us, to the closing of the James Apartments and your months after follow through, and recently finishing with the Plum property I have to say that I could not imagine anyone caring more for my interests.

Your knowledge and foresight of the potential pitfalls to avoid, the experience with contacts, and the ability to capture sales prices far in excess of our wildest expectations all combine to make you likely the very best commercial real estate agent in Seattle; certainly the best I have ever worked with.”

Brad Simmons – Seattle, WA

“It has been a pleasure working with you on the Repass and Winchester transactions this past year. Without a doubt you are the best real estate broker I have ever worked with. You possess a rare combination of skills including experience in the industry, market knowledge, a devotion to detail, a strong work ethic and a wonderful sense of humor. I doubt very much that the incredibly complex Repass deal would have ever closed without yor dogged involvement and negotiating guidance throughout the entire process. Thanks once again for your support and empathy. I look foward to doing more business with you in the years to come.”

Joe Boruck – Arlington, WA

“As you know I recently completed the purchase of the Beach Street Townhomes. I am very happy with the result. The successful conclusion of this transaction was largely due to the exceptional effort made by Benjamin Barker.

I have been involved in many real estate transactions over the years and I was very pleasantly surprised at the dedicated, professional service that Benjamin gave to both the buyer and seller. He prepared and presented a well-organized bound package of information regarding the property. This made it possible to make an informed decision regarding my purchase offer. He worked personally with several lenders in the search for acceptable financing, kept in close touch with the escrow agent and the appraiser and kept both the buyer and seller informed each step of the process. Unlike most agents he did not hesitate to leave his office in order to keep things on track.

I have never before felt the need to compliment the work of a real estate professional; however in this case I do feel compelled to acknowledge the exceptionally fine job done on my behalf by Benjamin Barker.”

Larry Nelsen – Seattle, WA

“Just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for your help in the latest building sale. I thought I had a great unsolicited offer but I’m glad I followed your advice again and let you handle the sale. In a short period of time you netted considerably more after all sale expenses were paid plus better terms for my side of the deal than the original offer contained. This is the 6th building deal you have handled for me and each one has turned out as good or better than I had planned and expected. Thanks again for your help.”

Carl Hossman – Seattle, WA

“Upon the recent completion of a real estate transaction through Marcus and Millichap, I received a form from your main office requesting a critique of your service. At that time I had only the highest praise for the agent involved, Michael McQuaid. That was approximately six months ago. Since the closing, my regard for Mr. McQuaid has increased even more. His continued follow-up and follow-through are truly remarkable as such traits are not completely common to the industry. As professional investors, we will seek out the help of Mr. McQuaid for our next real estate venture.”

David Sigl – Seattle, WA

“Having recently closed the sale of another of my properties with you, I want to convey my deep satisfaction with the brokerage services provided by you and your firm. As a developer of new apartment buildings, I am continually exposed to this region’s real estate brokers, and I can comfortably say that without exception I find the degree of competence, integrity, and diligence displayed by you to be far superior to that demonstrated by any other broker. I have employed your marketing services several times now with exceptional results, and I look forward to the opportunity to work with you again. I recommend you to anyone seeking to to employ the best real estate broker in the city.”