New York (again)

I seem to end up in NYC at least once each year, for probably the past 20 years, and each time I am amazed. That city never fails to impress me. Not that I want to live there, mind you, but pretty much any figure you look at is staggering.

The rents are mind boggling. Commercial retail rents are quoted in monthly figures, not annual, and are still higher than ours are. The rents for apartments are stunning. I talked with a young couple who told me that they were “only” paying $4,500 for their studio on W Broadway in Soho and that while it was really small they loved the location! Of course they do not have any car expense so I suppose that helps but still…

Regardless of the costs that city still draws newcomers in droves, and seemingly at all income levels. It keeps reaching higher and higher. The new One World Center (at the site of the old Twin Towers) topped off while I was there and is stunning in both height and appearance. The most recently finished condo tower is near Soho and is 74 stories tall while another is nearing completion just South of Central Park and is 90 stories tall. Everything is bigger, everywhere is busier, and everything is more crowded and yet it just keeps getting more so.

I was thinking about all of this as I was leaving a 3 hour lunch at about 4:30 and the wait staff was turning the table for another group wanting it. Truly impressive and yet I am glad to be back in Seattle.