Tax law changes making changes?

Someone asked me how much of an impact I thought a change in the capital gains tax would make to people who own apartment buildings, whether an increase in the tax on long term gains would discourage someone from selling.  My response was that the current capital gains rate is exceedingly low in perspective and that when it lowered to its current rate we didn’t see a flood of new sellers so I do not think the inverse of that will happen either.  I think that people invest in apartments for a very long time.  Many of the owners we talk with daily claim they intend to leave the buildings to their children when they die so clearly tax consequence is not a driving force in most owners decisions to sell, at least in my experience.
I think the tax changes will effect other investment types much more than real estate, a typically much longer term investment than most other options.  I think people sell their apartment buildings for many various reasons but rarely is it due to the tax code.  This time could be different but I have witnessed a few other changes in my nearly 30 years of being in this business.